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Default Re: Why are some bike riders so torqued up?

i have been hit twice on a peddle bike. both times i was at a cross walk.
i made eye contact while they were stopped & then i proceeded.
both times messed up a rim. the 2nd one i was hit hard enough to be thrown into US441. a lawyer sent me info to sue but i wasn't interested in that. it would have been nice to get a new rim.

in florida we have the "no bikes on the side walk" laws.
there are permissible exemptions. like if there are curbs that leave no shoulders. to prevent bikes from trying to traverse storm drains.
if i have my motor running i stay on the road. if peddling on the side walk & i approach a pedestrian i go on the grass.
if approaching a group of people i cut the motor.
people tend to dart randomly when they hear something coming toward them.
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