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Default Where's the beef???

One thing I keep coming across as I read up on everyone's experiences with MB's and read reviews of the engines and such is fender troubles.

Seems these bikes shake like a geek in a biker bar and fenders tend to come loose and wind up in the spokes. In one review I read on the SkyHawk engines a guy said his front fender did just that at 33 mph and he went over the high side winding up with some broken ribs and fingers, ouch!

I would like to have fenders (my roller didn't come with any) but I don't want to do a faceplant at speed and I don't want to have to constantly monkey with cheap tin. That's the problem right there. Virtually all bicycle fenders I see are too thin and the supports are cheese too, wimpy wimpy wimpy.

So where's the beef? Are there any sources for heavy fenders with some real meat to them and stout brackets?
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