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Default Re: First Build walmart especial

That Onyx is a beautiful bike. Or should I say, "Yo Braddah dat Onyx da kine saweeeeeeet"!!!
I lived on O'ahu for three years in Kaneohe. In Hawai'i I think you guys have an advantage in that mopeds and scooters have been such a big part of everyday life there for so long that you will never have any trouble with the law hassling you.
Not so back here in the states. I can't remember how many times I was chased when I was a teenager on my YZ125 by the troopers. One of them even crossed a hay field behind me but had to stop when I crossed through a gap in a stone wall. Most of us didn't have cars in high school but just about everybody had a dirt bike or a Honda big red. Things haven't changed much except that the farm kids around here all have quads now. Still the same hassles with the law, chased and impounded.
As I get into this bike build I'm looking to end up with a bike that is as quiet and inconspicuous as possible, a total sleeper. At 43 I'm not as keen anymore at the idea of deeking through the corn to lose Deputy Fife.

Nice bike man, Hang Loose!
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