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Well I have the bike down now.

I have done a simple NDI (non-destructive inspection) @ 200 miles.
Nothing bad that I can see. I did have a friend put this together for me since I knew next to nothing about motorized bicycle engines. I found that the intake and exhaust gaskets are missing. I hope to see an improvement in MPG after the parts get here and I have proper gaskets on.

Lets see, I ordered Sick Bike Parts expansion chamber and I will do the exhaust modification but for the next 100 miles I'll be using the stock muffler. I do plan on welding the expansion unit.
So there is a bolt kit coming, a front light and an air horn unit on the way. I could see delivery today but I figure all will be in by Wednesday and I can put the bike back on the road.
I already installed the twin kick stand so now the back wheel sets off the ground and that will make changing flats on the road nicer to deal with. Also installed are two handle bar extenders. One is for the light unit to get it higher than the handle bar basket and the other is now holding the old off the shelf bike light under the seat and pointing down to the ground creating a spot just behind the rear tire that also lights up the read edge of the bike tire.
I need to replace the chain tensioner bolt from a slotted? ( why a slotted bolt? ) to something else.
When I stopped to change my first flat it should have been as easy as dropping the tire off but since I didn't have a large slotted screwdriver to loosen the chain tensioner getting the motorized bicycle chain off required bending out the frame to tweek the rim and that scratched the paint.
I don't want to carry a long large flat tip screwdriver for just one need.
My mission today then is a replacement bolt for that chain tensioner. Something with a 14mm head perhaps?

Well, I hope to take a ride to Karaoke Wednesday night to that same town 20 miles a way I had Chinese food. I do like karaoke in new places. I've burned out on the same old crowd-ness for my local joints.

Lets see what happens. As I wrote the slow transit of the country side connects me in a way riding in the car doesn't and with a great light I feel I will enjoy the return trip in the night a little more this time.

: As I was typing Sick Bike Parts and Team Bicycle too. SBP was prompt and Team Cycle seemed to delay in shipping buy three days. I watch the tracking when I am excitingly waiting for packages.

All right.. Now if I get the spark plugs today I can go for a ride tonight. I had to order plugs since no one had them. The clip on top to the china plug lost it's clip so that was useless and because it danced around on the plug it also ruined the spark plug cap and I had to replace that. I see SBP has replacement plug wires so I'll order a colored one.

This is my entry into MB's and I think some update pictures are in order so time to go to work on the bike!
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