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Default Re: Huffy Good Vibrations Cruiser mod

Hey Duck, glad to hear your up and running!

The general rule of thumb with regards to rear sprocket size is each tooth will equal approx. 1MPH. The less teeth the more top speed, the more teeth (going to a 50t from a 44t) the slower your top apeed will be but the more torque and pulling power you will gain.

If you go from a 44T now to a 50T you will loose 6 teeth, meaning you will loose roughly 6MPH from your current top speed. But you will certainly notice an increase in hill climbing power and acceleration. So rear sprocket size is really a matter of what you want out of your bike, top speed or hill climbing power. To optomize both, you realisticly need either a mutiple speed bike with a shift kit, or a smaller sprocket with some engine mods to compensate for the loss in torque. Hope that helps and isnt too confusing!
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