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Default Why are some bike riders so torqued up?

While driving to work today, I see a middle-aged mom in spandex on entirely too large cruiser with her 7 yr old or so girl behind her riding along the sidewalk. You know the type. We've all see them. Anyways, she wasn't just out for a little cruise. She was moving! The little girl struggling to keep up. She comes to a business exit that passes over the sidewalk where there's a car waiting to exit. The car's bumper is MAYBE 6" over the sidewalk, tires still remain in exit drive. The woman screechs the 29er to a halt with the little girl nearly taking her out from behind. Mind you, the car had been sitting there the entire time. Not just pulling out from nowhere. The woman then procedes to try and tip-toe her way off the bike. Starts yelling, screaming and and forces the car back. All she had to do is go slowly around the all of 6" of the car with plenty of sidewalk left. Instead, she becomes a great example to her daughter of what not to do...

Sorry for the rant, but instances like this really set me off. I know that riders put there selves in danger and it's easy to get pissed when you think you;ve been wronged, but really? No need for actions like this.
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