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Default Re: How to hide wires and cables?

Originally Posted by Ballin on a Budget View Post
Hey colval, glad you found that site helpful, as I know you can find that stuff at most local electronic stores.

Thats a good idea to drill small holes for your zip ties along the bottom of the frame, I have the luxury on my bike of the rear brake and derailler cable being run there from factory, and because they are held up with factory mounts, I can just zip tie to the existing cable. One thing to be careful of is that you dont drill too many holes or too close together as with the vibration these lil motors cause, they would be a perfect place for stress cracks to start. But as long as you dont over-do it I think that a great idea.

Heres another thought, what if you JB weld (i know, i know) or some other metal adhesive, a few small metal tabs onto the underside of the frame to attach you ties to? That way theres no drilling, and as long as you prep the area well, they should hold no prob. Just a thought unless u have a welder!
I like this idea! You've got me thinking...
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