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Default Re: Is it worth it

If, can you afford the extra between a engine and the parts needed, then if you can the complete engine is the best option. Plus you will have spare parts on hand. I myself wouldn't rebuild the engine. I have had 1 engine tear up (not my fault, bad head gasket...piston, rings, cylinder) and I replaced it. I know that all I needed was the upper end, but should I have another go I have a case intact, no waiting on parts, low down time.

Prices are off Ebay... Most from BGF..which I wouldn't buy so much as a screw from them.

Engine..Case inc piston $67.00

Piston w/rings $20.00
Crank bgr (2) $10.00
Gasket set.. $13.00
Wrist pin brg..$13.00
Seals.. (2)...$12.00
Head gasket..$5.00 TTL $105.00 +/-

So NOT worth it at all.
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