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Default A hello from a grumpy old-man ;-)

Cutting to the chase.
Over the years i've toured on motorcycles, BMW Airheads(don't like the feel of the motor one-bit, ymmv), Moto Guzzis(love them) and my current BMW K75s, plus two sport-cars.
Now i'm gonna do it on a motor-bicycle.

Bought a GEBE RS35cc kit in 6/07 but life and taking care of an ageing parent got in the way for more years than i care to count.

If you care to google images, the bicycle in ? is a teal 2010 GT Sanction 2.0.
Trailer is the BOB IBEX(w/suspension) that will get a MUCH better self-built wheel for a high pressure tire.
Wheels will be up-graded to Velocity Phychos 36 spoke in 4cross lacing wire-tied, if the spokes do not go past perpendicular with the axle using Velocity hubs. if they do, 3cross will be done. Sapim Strong spokes/nipples are to be bought along with the new Parktool TM-1 tension-meter. I have built atleast 20 pairs of bicycle wheels over the years but w/o a tension-meter.
The three tires will be the most excellent Shawalbe brand. Not cheap but VG indeed. Just read crazyguyonabike blog, guy rode a pedal-powered recumbent both ways on The Dempster Hwy(AK) w/o a flat on the same tire. Nuff-said.
Gotta figure on fenders for the bike. Mmmm.
The best chainrings for my use will be Middleburn, made in the UK.
Gotta figure on 12volt lights. Like the 35watt LED fog lights ATM. Battery will prolly be in the BOB trailer.

If on test runs the RS 35cc seems abit under-powered... a Tanaka 40cc will be had!

I'm 64, in decent shape all things considered and will be pedaling both with & w/o power. A long into i know but it commits me. I do not suffer fools well so my limit my posting. Do not care for the Chinese strokes one-bit. Was a member at another board for awhile and found far to many silly childern there. This board seems quite mature for the subject at hand and truely am looking forward to helping others as well as learning a thing or three.

OH! In spite of the fact that i have bulit several computes my abilities at posting are limited. It will be a small effort to post pictars as this build is done.
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