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Default Re: belt drive, maybe?

Cool link. I am just skeptical as the desert heat (where I live) eats up rubber and plastic stuff pretty quickly. It may be that they will work and last now, many are happy with the GEBE system. I got one and saw something too light and plastic, the ring that drives just clips on a spoked wheel and loosens up I am sure. I decided that for 700 dollars I would get rid of it new and try something else while the concept is developed more. I do hope it is just that dependability is needed. The belts are very fragile when not perfectly lined up, per DetonatorTuningSolutions

TREK 4500/ GEBE w/ GP460 build - Page 31 "so promising at 750 mls. has bit the dust at 1000mls. this afternoon.

not to bad considering this one was subjected to the drivering running eliptically around the spokes for about 500 mls. thinking the belt was stetching i kept cranking on the tension (stretching the belt for real, DOH !! )

i'm going to give this new belt a chance to get me through more than a month, if it does, fine, but either way i'm going to CHAIN DRIVE."

He also talks somewhere in this huge document about the way miss alignment side to side has ruined belts so it is critical with the GEBE belt system. Alignment is just a critical part of bike building in general.
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