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Default Re: How to hide wires and cables?

Originally Posted by Ballin on a Budget View Post
Have you figured out any ways to tidy up the cables around the handlebar area though? Thats where im having the most dificulty as Ya cant bend the cables too sharp to tuck them in so my bar area still looks messy...... Any other ideas would always be appreciated!
I agree. I've got the same problem :throttle, brake, gears, front lamps, rear (stop) lamp, front+rear directions, front+rear stop switch, horn, aku, power from magneto, power from dynamo, cycle computer sensor and kill swich for engine, cables from integrated swiches on handlebar. It's really a lot of stuff to hide. My handlebar is black as wires. I think some kind of tape is the best solution for me. Color is my only help. I have an idea to drill a little holes in main frame along all cables for little zip ties, so frame will stay clean as much as possible. Besides it allowes to take out all electrics in one part and make easer to put back again in the same position. What do you think?
I'll make a photo later and show You how it looks on my bike. I hope You didn't think i'm sick
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