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Default Re: You guys sick of seein the OP Roller yet???

bug: walmart online says outta stock too (i mighta got the last one) did see a few on ebay thou...
gonna use the little metal plates that come with the rag joint in my next kit as spacers to get
my sprocket a bit further out away from the tire... the next build i will use a hub adapter
so i can set it right where it needs to be. im with ya on makin one look more like a motorcycle.
next build will have a tripple tree and 24" rear wheel... seat set as low as i can get it.

roo70: thx for the offer but i just like to putt around... what can i say, im a Geezer LOL
i've only ever had it up to 25 and that was just as kind of a stress test - for me and the bike
i'm deffinately on the 20 and under side when ridin... more like 10 ta 15 actually

greg: yea, everybody tells me it looks like the engine belongs on there...
got a neighbour a few houses down thats lookin like hes very inerested. his son races go-karts
and he's always out working on them when i ride by... i can tell he wants one think im
gonna stop and chat with him the next time i see him... other than that, lots of smiles &
waves. i get on my aooga horn whenever there's kids around... they love it

put another 17 miles on her this weekend... what a blast!!!

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