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Okay, back to bicycles
I pulled the cylinder/piston/rings and replaced them. The carburetor and fuel tank were full of crud so I cleaned them and installed a new (welded on) chain tensioner bracket, adjusted the chain tension and finally rode the little beast this afternoon. It doesn't have the power it once had but that's probably the new rings/cylinder. My neighbor wants to buy it for his daughter. She's 21 and not mechanically inclined but her dad is a motorcycle guy so he'll be able to help her with it if there's problems and they live just around the corner from me so I'm there if she needs help.
I cleaned the rust off the rims and spokes, cleaned it up generally and it's about ready for a new owner.
I really need the garage space so I'll be glad to see it gone. Just hope I don't see it laying on its side in their back yard a year from now.
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