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Originally Posted by Poopyboogin420 View Post
I'm 28 years old and I remember my mom having to mix oatmeal with ground beef to make it stretch out further. I remember birthdays that I cherished the one present that I would receive (usually a plastic GI Joe) and be happy as ****. I rode the same bicycle from the time i was 5 till i was 10, learning how to fix it along the way. I wasnt given a new bike either. I won $150 for selling the most items in a door to door fundraiser my school had put on, and used the money to buy a Huffy 18 speed mountain bike from Sam's club. I don't what generation I fall into, but it really doesn't matter. There was spoiled brats back in the 50's and all the way up to now. The problem is that parents don't have a clue and use material to earn their children's love and respect. My sister in law is a perfect example. She buys all three of her children a toy EVERYTIME they go to Wally World. I asked why? So they don't throw a fit. My son is 2 1/2 and he knows already that if I start counting, he better behave. And I hardly ever have to give any spankings, mostly time outs. My point is, it's def not the kids fault, and most definitely is the parents fault.

Agreed....... the kids are a product of their inviroment and it's the parent responsibilty to make it the right one based on a tried and true value system that we were given buy out creator, yes there have been brats all through human history but now it's hard to find a kid that isn't because the tables have turned and the rebellion and fit throwing that was once frowned upon is now accepted as healthy expression in some cases...........that is hog wash and stern discepline in love will direct the kids in the way they should go.

My dad and mother growing up told my brother and I only once......that was our only warning, they made sure we understood there wishes or rules and then from that time forward we had no excuse for not following it and if we slipped up we were punished, nearly always spanked or as we called it a "whoop-in" and we always knew we had it coming and never rebelled against either of them for it, we knew they loved us and we knew they were doing it for our own good even though we didnt like it, my parents weren't perfect by any means but they demanded & earned our respect through their love, discepline and most of all consistency in all things, they never counted to 3 so we would have just a few more seconds to get away with something or warned us over & over, I did my boys this very same way when they were growing up and some people did say I was to hard on them at times but most of the time those same people would comment on how nice, polite and respectful those boys always were, they were very well behaved in our friends homes and knew not to run around or ask for anything unless they were asking myself or their mom, this teaches them respect of their elders and teaches them patients as well, all kids arent brats I know and we have to handle some different than others but we have lost the correct way to train our kids up in this country as a whole and it shows, the kids rule the roost so to speak in many homes and the parents just give in to their every desire in hopes I guess of buying their love or because they want their kids to like them and be their friend, wrong way to go, we should be their parent, teacher, trainer and if done right they will be our friend as well because of a healthy respect not a friend because we give them their way right or wrong, this latter decription of a friend creates one that will turn on you when things get tough but a friend developed through love and respect will stick it out through thick & thin and this is what we want our kids to be not only for us but for the fellow mankind also.

Just my $.02 nothing more nothing less, nothing said here is meant in anyway to offend and I am now moving away from the raising kids topic......

been lots of good conversation here....... I hope some young parents and soem of the young kids read through this and get some encouragement and maybe even some help from all these great posts, there are for sure lessons to be learned here.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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