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Originally Posted by GEJoe View Post
Too bad, 2Door. I remember when my son was 13 and I was going to teach him to work on cars and put together a nice car for him in the process. We went out to work on the family chariot and he came back in the house abruptly. Had to wash the grease off his hands! I knew right then and there he would never be much of a mechanic. Some have the knack, some don't. Now I have to get to work on my Geo Metro. Next week Dax will be shipping me a new cylinder, piston, and rings to get my GT50R going after the Opti-2 fiasco.

not always true, my dad did the same thing when i was younger, and i did the same thing as him, fast forward 10 years and i'll happily work on greasy parts just to get an idea what i'm doing and see how it works.

just takes time.

as for everyone pawning the problems off on my generation, history repeats its self. i bet you had things handed to you in comparison to your parents, of course looking back you don't think of it that way.

my dad had to work for a traveling circus during the summers when he was 10 years old cause his mother/my grandmother couldn't afford to have him in the house all day for 3 months.

i never had to work for a circus cause my parents were too poor to support me during the summer, so i certainly had it easier then him, but it was far from the fabled childhood like many of you are trying to make it seem that everyone my age has.

and for anyone wondering, my build, over $900 in parts, i earned most of it, my mother gave me $130 of it at christmas, other then that i earned every penny of it myself.
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