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Originally Posted by Mike B View Post
You know any parents who don't want to make things better for their kids than they had it?
Not many....

I didnt mean wanting them to have it better in some ways was the problem in itself, the problem is not teaching them to work hard for what they want & need and that anything that is worth having in life takes hard work and sacrifice.

In my opinion & experience to many times parents give the kids too much and make life so easy on them that it ruins them.....they think everything should be free or easy when raised this way and then when the reality of the real world and life hits them in the face that's when they go running back to mommy and daddy for their needs or they run down to the welfare office and look for a hand out that us few hard working people that are left has to pay for and as a consequence we do with out some of our own wants and needs because we have to give so much of our earnings to the ones who are to lazy to get off there own blessed assurance and work, dig, push, endure, sacrifice and achieve through hard work and comittment.

We are creating a generation in this country that is confused about what freedom is and was meant to be.

Hard work, sweat,tears & people comitted to a greater cause than themselves is what made this a once great nation great.... and the lack of all this is what will bring it down to it's knees in the near future.

Moraltiy is down the tubes in this country and all that starts in the home...and morality either good or bad will make or break a county, parents dont teach their kids any more, either a school teacher or the TV is their primary teacher, and many time they are both agenda driven and it is not always or many times what is really in the best interest of the kids.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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