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Our society consists of 5-6 generations depending on how old you are. You have the generation that grew up in the depression era and into WWII, then the Babyboomers that are now becoming retirement age, GenerationX--who knows what they did or are for--now we have the entitlement generation where its gimme gimme gimme. Up and coming Millenium generation with the cell phones and laptops thrive on a 3 day week and 6 months vacation. Wouldn't get their hands dirty for nothing. I don't know where its all went wrong, but when you got a step son that goes out looking for a job and the boss said he'd pay him what he was worth, he told him he wouldn't work that cheap. I know 40 yr olds are still living in their Mom's garage. I watched the neighbor kid come home from school the other day on his bicycle come up the drive way jumped off it and let is slam into the ground and into the house he ran. No respect for anything.
No wonder this country's in the shape it is.
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