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Default Re: Staton Robin Subaru crank shift kit

Originally Posted by MaxPower View Post
this is what Staton had to say about the wine.

Is it Normal to have a loud wining noise coming from the gear box? No, not at all. The gearbox should be very quiet and you should not be able to hear any gear noise above the noise from the engine.

Will it quite down after break in? If they do make noise it always get better less noise. You have the 16.07 to 1 gearbox... it should be very smooth and quiet. It should like you might need more grease or its just not broke in. Call me sometime when you are able to start it while on the phone.
My friend Rick had a Staton chain drive box w/Honda 35cc engine on it. When he would start up and leave, all we heard was the gearbox noise, couldn't even hear the engine. From that build, he upgraded to a Staton twin-engined(Honda 35cc) setup. Both boxes were lubed with Staton's latest compound. The lubricant had the look and consistency of thick strawberry pancake syrup. Both of his boxes were noisy and both of them failed. When he split the boxes, they were completely dry! There is no gasket between the halves of the box. Methinks the lube leaked out and the non-heat-treated gear burned out. Rick replaced that gear, then filled the gearbox with GP grease. He's running a 4.2 hp 460 engine with no problems now. Top speed is 53 mph on the flats, with NuVinci hub.

Now his engine is louder than his gearbox.
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