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Default Re: A Wasted Effort

I learned a long time ago that when you have determined to give somebody a gift, you have to be able to kiss it goodbye. If you can't, you're really just loaning it to them. Most of the people I have encountered cannot or will not understand the care and love that a craftsman can put into a gift that he wishes to give to somebody who is important to him. I have become (maybe too) careful about what I give to whom. I recognize that for some gifts that I want to give people, I may not be strong enough to kiss it goodbye and they may not be kind enough to respect it. Foreseeing a rift in a friendship, I then decide against the gift.

The gifts I've given my wife, even though I've been able to kiss those goodbye, I discovered I never had to. And she treasures them. And I couldn't love her more for that.

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