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Default Re: A Wasted Effort

A Wasted Effort

yeah i know 2 door , the last couple of generations of kids really worry me ,
they seem to just not really give a crap , they don't take care of their stuff , gift or bought , they show no respect at all to their elders ,the fact is they are soft and lazy , we have been to easy on them , in my day if you broke your toys , that was it period , you didn't get another one on mommy and daddy's credit card , if you pitched a fit over it you got your a$$ beat with a shoe , the party was over , if you got up in the face of a elder you promptly got the crap whipped out of you , even if you didn't know the person the disrespect was shown to, if our fate is the youths hands GOD HELP US !
i generally take the long cut home
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