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Default Re: Staton Robin Subaru crank shift kit

Originally Posted by MaxPower View Post
9 hours on engine
about 5 tanks of gas
145 total miles
top speed 42.7 mph at 8100 RPM (down hill w/tailwind of course)

Overall it's going pretty good. I still have a wobble in my crank and the gear box still makes the whining noise. I hit a bump that broke a spoke and un-trued my rim but was able to fix it. I don't like the fuel tank. It needs to be bigger and the cap needs to be easier to get a proper seal. I'm probably going to replace it with a camping fuel bottle.
It would be nice to know what top speed on flat ground, on a windless day would be.
My friend's son has gone 43 mph downhill w/no tailwind...and no engine.
FWIW, 8100 rpm is way past that engine's redline max.

If you can rotate this engine 90 degrees clockwise, the gas tank would work better.

I always install four-liter Happy Time fuel tanks on my projects. They might not look cool to some people, but to each his own.

If using a camping fuel bottle, don't forget to make a fuel vent hole.
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