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Default Re: A Wasted Effort

Went down a simular road with my oldest son 3 years ago, I gave him a truck that I paid $7000.00 for, he was very happy about it and took it right straight out and ragged the living crap out of it, everytime I saw it, it had a new dent or something wrong, the engine ran perfect and everything but the dome lite worked great, it was a Chevy extended cab PU spray in bed liner, new tires, brakes, fuel pump, B&M Transmission controller, just a solid little truck.

My youngest son told me that he had sold the truck one day and I was a bit upset but thought maybe he just wanted sonething else more economical.......boy was I wrong, he had taken the truck down to a used car lot and told the guy to make him an offer, the fella down there offered him $1300.00 and he took it, and then went and blew the money on junk.......that truck was still on the books for about $5000.00 and was worth at least $3500.00, I could have skinned him alive with a smile on my face that day.............

I said right then "No More" these boys will either work for what they get or they dont get it.....he's a hard working responsible father of two with his wife having another one in the oven now.....and when he was in the armer forces he sent me a letter explaining to me how much he wished he had taken all the advice I had given him and now he said he understood and was sorry for his actions, he has since become a fine upstanding young man.

My youngest bougt his own truck paid $5200.00 cash for it when he was 17 years old and he babied that thing like crazy because he knew if that one got tore up he was on foot, he never tried tearing that things up, and although I'm sure he wished I would have bought it for him I think he also understood i didnt do it for his own good.

These kids now days for the most part have had it way to easy.....and they are not being taught teh right values on many levels in my opinion, and they are gonna be taing care us of someday...........that is a bit scary to me...!

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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