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Default Re: Have you ever met someone who could NOT ride a motorized bicycle.

Well to be perfectly honest, I was that moron when I first started riding again after 40years. I rode both bikes and motorcycles up until I was in my mid twenties. Then I 'grew up' (stupid phrase I know). So when I went back after forty years and some brain issues my balance was all gone. The first regular bike I rode threw me within ten feet. I scraped my knee and rammed my shoulder into a neighbors house. I was not wearing a helmet. I could easily have been badly hurt but got off with the shoulder and a strawberry the size of a softball.

So yeah I can see how a guy would fall. I was so shaky after that it took me a month to really relearn to ride a bike. I also had to modify and still do my bikes. So yeah I was the moron.

It actually does take a lot of coordination to get all the things working right at the same time.. Not easy to do if you are terrified of the traffic and of falling.

Not being nasty in saying that, I admit I would have looked like a perfect idiot to anyone who saw me flying off that first bike. My wife often told me in those early days how dorky I looked.
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