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Default Re: belt drive, maybe?

Originally Posted by lennyharp View Post
I am not sure what the problem with chains is. The chain is efficient and strong and works most reliably as a drive mechanism. If you use a strong wheel to mount the gear on it seems to hold up well.
I've done several builds with these kits and the chain/sprocket part has been, by far, the most troublesome. The chains are absolutely unforgiving as far as alignment goes. If they are not perfectly aligned between the two sprockets, the chain gets thrown off the wheel sprocket and ends up jammed between the sprocket and the spokes. Chains are heavy, and require frequent lubrication and adjustment. They are noisy and have hundreds of moving parts.
As much as Harley Davidson insists on clinging to 1950's technology, even they have recognized the advantages of belt drive. What about this?
WM BERG Miniature Precision Mechanical Components: Spur Gears, Sprockets, Belts, Timing Pulleys, Miniature Bearings, Shafts

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