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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Before I left work, I removed the Jump Stop from my bike's bottom bracket. I'd been feeling a slight clunk at low speed while motoring along. The Jump Stop had a gouge in it, and it might've been the cause of the problem. After riding down the block, I still noticed the clunk, so the Jump Plate wasn't the cause of it.

At the traffic light stop, I was the lead vehicle to proceed forward in the correct lane. The lane to my right was merging in front of me 200 yards ahead. When I checked my mirror, no one was behind me. All of the cars had lined up in the merging lane to my right. I guess all ten cars figured they were going to pull ahead of me and merge into the correct lane (mine).

The light changed, I pulled out at full speed, and NO ONE was able to merge into my lane ahead of me. It was a 35 mph speed zone, and I guess we were all traveling at the limit. With the shift kit and 8-speed cassette, 35 mph arrived VERY quickly. At the next light, I pulled away from the stop...

and my bicycle chain broke!

I coasted off the highway and parked behind a huge concrete freeway support. The last thing I need is a soda can OR a car plowing into me while I'm fixing my bike. Praise the Lord, the broken chain was still connected to the rear derailleur. It was a simple fix and I was on my way.

Upon reaching home, I cleaned the bike and inspected the chain. Some of the links were slightly worn from dragging on the road. The chain is now a little shorter from losing two links, but still serviceable. A spare chain is in my backpack, so I'll keep running the old chain.

Why did my bicycle chain break? Probably because I removed the Jump Plate. This allowed the bicycle chain to jump off inward, towards the bottom bracket. The sprockets' mounting nuts snagged the chain, causing it to snap. I'm pretty sure the problem should disappear when I reinstall the Jump Plate today.

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