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Default Re: Love my Bike but...

Welcome to the forum. Two things. The alignment of the chain to the rear sprocket is very important... if it is off, then the chain wants to jump off the sprocket. I would suggest walking with the bike next to you, clutch in and study the engine chain as it travels from engine to rear wheel... if it seems to be binding somewhere then that needs to be addressed... if so we can help you get it right. The Chinese chain that comes with the motor is not the best, but is adequate if things are lined up right. It is called #415 chain. You can get a much better quality chain which will fit at an auto supply store like Napa. It is #41 chain. But if you have an alignment issue, even the best chain will jump.

Regarding the leaking gas. Maybe a small metal hose clamp would be better than a zip tie. Hardware stores carry them. If the fuel is not shutting off at the petcock it could be that there was junk in the gas tank when you got the kit. Some of that junk could be stuck in the petcock. Just a thought. That would not affect the leaking, just the fuel remaining in the line. Be patient and you'll work all this out. These are great fun, aren't they? Best yet is when you are confident you will get where you're going and back home again without any problems. We need more ladies on the forum to help give us some balance here, so you are very welcome. No dumb questions... we all were new to this at one time.
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