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Default Re: Love my Bike but...

welcome. iv been dealing with chains alot the past few days. iv never had one break other then master links and cheep half links coming off. but i also have not used the chains supplied in the kits i buy. well now that they come with cheep single speed (1-1/8)chains. if i where you id get a nice KMC single speed chain. or something along that line. here is a link to the one i bought for my shift kit...

i also have a KMC stretch proof 3/32 inch for my main drive. that is much smaller then the single speed. and has not given me a problem yet. and it is set up through a derailleur to 7 gears.

cheep chains under alot of stress can be vary unsafe. and for $20 you can lessen the chance of it breaking and doing damage to you or your bike. and with a stretch proof not only will you have a stronger chain. it wont stretch over time and get loose. so you can size it and ditch the tensioner that comes with the kit, another potential problem.

well good luck and hope you get the help you need. have fun and ride safe.
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