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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I took a nap this afternoon and woke up at 830 pm, feeling regreshed. The loose freewheel on my chainring sprocket was on my mind, so I decided to replace it. That would give me an opportunity to inspect the bottom bracket.
Nothing was loose.The cartridge was installed slightly off in the bottom bracket, towards the chainring. I noticed that the same amount sticking out on the chainring side was sticking in on the left side of the bottom bracket.

No big deal.

After soaking the new pocket bike freewheel in oil, I installed it and reassembled the chainring sprockets. One of the Scooterguy mounting through studs was crossthreaded. This was the stud which pivots and secures the engine plate, so I replaced the stud and nuts.

The sprocket on the pocket bike gear box seemed to have excessive side clearance on its shaft. A mental note was made to find a shim/washer to stabilize the 11t sprocket. Unfortunately, the Tanaka engine's exhaust pipe must be removed to get to that sprocket.

Otherwise, everything is in place, and the bike is ready for today's commute in five hours.

Can't wait for daylight!
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