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Default Re: Engine break in?

From experience and what you'll read here from old hand builders there doesn't seem to be any hard and fast rules regarding break-in. Some will say to take it easy and do pretty much what you're doing now. Others will say, "don't baby it. Ride it hard from the get-go".

Take rohmell's advice and check your spark plug color to make sure you're in the ball park as far as fuel/air mix and watch for things like loose chains, tensioner brackets and fenders (if you have them). Break-in is the time to look for and find all those little areas that can come back to bite you later.

After a couple of gallons reduce your oil down to about 32:1 and go have fun. You'll discover that the Chinese 2 stroke, if that's what you have, will keep getting better with age and milage. The older they are, the better they perform.

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