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Cool Greetings from Brooklyn N.Y.

Greetings fellow riders!
I'm a semi retired Ex Highway patrol man and I've lived my entire working life around bikes of one kind or another.
I built my first bike at age 13 with the help and encouragement of my father who was also a bike fanatic. (thanks Pop! were ever you are.)

It had a McCullough 53cc chainsaw engine and the fore runner of today's freewheeling cranks- (1973, I think I beat SPB to it by a few decades.)
bolted into a Screaming Yellow Schwinn 10spd frame on stock 27" wheels and stock brakes.
Needless to say it was a white knuckle ride and I taco'ed my first set of wheels but it was good experience.
Over the years I've always had a motorized bicycle in the corner of my garage.... usually sitting un used and forlorn as I had quite a few more powerful rides to choose from... but Ill never forget that yellow Schwinn, the feeling of riding some thing I made by hand.

Ever since the "builders boom" of the late 90s I've felt that the cost of building custom motorcycles has gotten out of hand...
Sure any one can build a great bike if they throw enough money at it, but I dont need another $45,000 dollar Harley...
I wanted something light and simple, I started feeling like less might be more... and thoughts of a China Girl powered hard tailed mountain bike started to bubble to the surface.
My trusty 21" Iron Horse Warrior came down from the rafters, Measuring was done, orders ensued and lots of late nights were spent fabricating parts and working out the million and one little details that go into a bike.
Its in its final mock up stages now after 6 months of stolen time to put it together, waiting on parts, busting a few knuckles and downing alot of beer with my buds its almost ready. Ill post a few pics in the photo section... I'm really happy to be here, I hope you like it.

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