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Default Greatings all...

first time post from another first time builder (yet another wallyworld Rollor)

A while back I was watching one of the auction shows on cable and seen an old Wizzer
being auctioned off... reminded me of the fun I had as a youngster riding one that my
uncle owned. so, i decided to try to find one,.. hopefuly a little cheaper than the one
on that show it went for around $2000. as i searched i kept seeing this bike at walmart
and thinking it looks like it shouldnt be too hard to put an engine on it... nice open frame.
Then I came across this and other sites showing pics of this exact bike w/engine... too cool,
went right back and bought it. Road it quite a bit while i decided what engine to get. Ended up
getting the 66cc from BGF on ebay... figured, I like to tweek/modify things anyway so i'd probly
end up doing that to the more expensive kits anyway... so why not get the cheaper one lol
I will say its been a lot of fun putting this thing together... probly wont be my last

learn'd a lot here while i was building it... the search function here is awesome as are all the
folks willing to share and explain how certain things work/go together... got nearly 50 miles on her
and it's a blast (feel like a kid again) have received lots of smiles and waves with a few confussed
looks inbetween

will post some pictures soon...

anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks... 'tis an awesome site

Peace... ima go ride my bike
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