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Default On my way!!

Ok folks I made the jump and finally have a decent working bike now. I should have spent more time on here searching posts but there is something to 'learning by doing'. Once I got the chain alligned better and the tension not quite so tight things are much better. The CNS carb (choke always on) I see will be my biggest challenge but with all the posts and hopefully not too much help from y'all I'm confident my little solution to $4+ diesel fuel will work out fine as long as it isn't raining. There are also a few motor cycle and snowmobile shops around and I'm hoping if I hit a wall (in tuning) they can help get me passed it.

So far I've gone thru 1/2 a gallon of breakthru fuel so I have quite a bit of things that are cropping up and will work out as they come. Bolts are coming loose after even a short ride so after the weather cools off I will be busting out the locktite and lockwire and newer allen head bolts.


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