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Default Re: jackshift worth it?

is the brass fitting on the clutch cable up really snug? that's a very important thing to take care of up front. another option is opening the clutch panel, and loosening the flower nut 1 notch, helps a bit.

and third, the panel for the actuator arm, if you tighten it down too much it could give you that problem, you may need too loosen up the screws a tidbit.

try hose ideas an get back to us, also it's recommended you add a bit of grease to the cable to keep it going smooth, and then if you have a soldering gun, add a dab of solder to the end of the cable to keep it from unraveling over time. and yes you can cut off excess cable, just make sure it is indeed excess, and again add that solder to the end of it so it doesn't get all frayed.
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