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Default Re: clutch noise? sounds like birds

Originally Posted by LS614 View Post
you COULD make your own out of copper sheet, but it would be so challenging you'd be better buying one. Just check that it REALLY is your gasket and not a stripped stud. The other thing you can do is sand the surfaces on glass to make them flat, they sometimes warp and that can cause a leak.
I've made several of my own gaskets and yes it is a bit challenging, I use gasket hole punches and then the hardest thing to do is the big hole in the gasket, I plan to make a tool for that in the future so it isnt so dang much trouble getting that hole right.

I use 0.016 Alum. sheeting for mine because it is 0.011 thinner than the stock 0.027 Gaskets that I have removed from my engines, then I coat them very good with Permatex Copper Coat spray and Wah Lah.......A bit higher compression and I save a few bucks on buying the stock gaskets and having to wait on them.

Sorry i got off topic here, just got me thinking about the gaskets.....

LS614 is right, a head gasket leak can cause that chirping noise for sure.

Also LS614 made a great suggestion about lapping in the head on a sheet of 220 or 320 sandpaper taped to a piece of sheet glass, apply nice even pressure at the center of the head as you move the head in a circular motion, this will remove imperfections and give the head a nice smooth flat surface to seal up good on the gasket, it's best to do both the head and the jug, but I think most of the time the warpage is the head and the jug surfaces on my engines have all been good and flat.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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