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Default Re: Schwinn Point Beach safety issue, good fix?

Originally Posted by NickDK View Post
Hey Motoschwinn,

I am new to the forum and have yet to build my first bike. I have already ordered an 80 cc engine from eBay which is due to arrive on Tuesday. I just got back from Wal-Mart where I bought a Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser.

I noticed you also have a Point Beach and was hoping you could help: What engine installation problems did you come across on your build? Is there any tips you can give me before I begin my build (seeing as you've built this bike before)?

Thanks much!

- Nick
You will need the large frame adapter and that is about it. It's a easy build, and a really nice bike. But that front fender will start cracking after a few miles of shaking. PM me and I'll give you my email and help you from there. It's a NICE bike.

Kings 70cc 3200+ miles. Now on a Schwinn Point Beach NOW in mothballs..

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