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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

didn't know it wasn't gas resistant ... Blue might be, I dunno. Red is more or less the same as blue, but high temp. So I pretty much splather it on anything I don't want to leak.

I figured gas shouldn't really be touching it anyway, I was having an air leak, which means vacuum was pulling through a hole anyway. Gas shouldn't be going there once it's all sealed up. I dunno though... If it stops working I'll be sure to let you know!
I've put a few hundred miles on this though, and no leaks. I have it right on the exhaust gasket too. I can rev the engine way up and cover the tail pipe, it just stalls. Doesn't leak.

I have it all over my car too. On the intake manifold, all over the exhaust. When it gets so thin it's impossible to weld without blowing holes. Around my distributor so when I'm offroading it doesn't get full of water, filling holes in the floor to keep water out, and stuff in the car IN, sealing air leaks, etc. I goop it on anything that needs sealing up.
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