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Default Re: cruiser's bike stolen

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
Not sure what it came off a 4' high "rampart" a guy had in his front yard in a residencial area, and came across from the drivers side. It hit right on the windsheild mid leap.

I was going 45 mph. I got a face full of glass (and a mouthfull too). It flipped up over the cab, landed in the back and trashed 130 dollars worth of groceries, then fell off the back (tailgate was down) and kicked around on the ground for a minute then got up and ran off. I watched it run a good couple hundred yards before it dissapeared into the wood.

No comprehensive insurance, just liability.
And this is why I like the UK - where the biggest thing you can hit around my way is a Fox - although they make a mess of a car at 85mph. Scared my then partner and me out of our wits. Shattered the front bumper - and that was almost half centimetre thick polycarbonate. If I had hit it with a wheel we would have turned over and wiped out for sure.

Certainly made a mess of your truck, shame about the insurance. My father always insisted on fully comp - I am beginning to understand why.

Glad you arent too hurt though, by the amount of body damage it hit pretty hard.

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