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Default Re: opinions from female riders on build

Things that I'd look for her..some mentioned...

Frame that she can climb aboard (lift leg over). Consider stopped and feet on the ground. Unless you customize a fuel tank.

Seat.. WalMart and other suppliers have a very comfortable seat. I have very little azz and need a good one for my bones.

Springer front end..much easier ride.

Handle bars, what ever is comfortable. I like the cruiser bars, detest apes. My .02

Consider dual brake lever.

My son and I built a bike for his wife of 4" 10" (she be mad if I didn't say 4' 10 1/2")

Here is another bike she can ride. This belongs to my oldest son. Also short and stocky.

Looking for HT's parts?
HT pre instillation tips.
Engine running problems?
HT breakdown Photos

Ron ><)))))*> Calera, Alabama

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