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Well on to my second tank of opti2 , when I first starting running it , I had the clip in the top position and it was seeming (plug color) much too lean (maybe air leak?), so I dropped the clip one notch , and 1/2 a tank later now the plug, looks on the rich side .
I will burn one more tank like this and then , decide where I want the clip to sit.

Have to admit , I love how the bike does not seem like its dripping and oozing oil all over , and love the fact , of not having a blue trail of smoke following me ( slight exaggeration)
and I have to admit the clean exhaust smells much better than the oily premix that i was running before , and even smells better to me than the strawberry ipone stuff.
Kinda wish I had some extra cash kicking around , I would love to buy a new 66cc port and polish , then break it in at 75:1 for a tank or 2 then the 100:1 , just to see.
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