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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Rode to work this morning. Almost didn't as I wanted to smoke a coffee and drink a cig in the car. (lol, that was my last job in the MM. that and stare out the window) Great ride! sunny, just enough clouds to make it purty. Was 5 mins early. Ended up yelling at my boss's, boss's boss. Really great day. Forgot my bike lock so put my bike in my truck. Just barely fit and door scraped my front tire. But was kinda cool having my baby on board. Passed a guy ridding a china girl. I pulled over up ahead. I wanted to warn him about his tacoed rear wheel. (read open the back of my truck and show him my girl)

Finished up my morning gig, ignored said big boss and went home. (I might be unemployed in the morning) I turn the engine over with the pull start slowly for a coupla-a-few pulls before giving an actual pull to start. First half pull, she lit off! I am thinking the HF plug cap just sucked and this is how she is supposed to run. Don't know, just loving it! On way home she ran beautifully. (After I remembered to un-choke. lol)

I am 2 weeks late in sending Happy to Zaunder in Germany. So after coming home to get his addy, I took Happy for a long ride and some pics. One of those days when I could not stop ridding. Got to the post office 5 mins to 5. Then realized I had printed out the wrong thing so could not mail! Ah well. Just gonna have to ride over again tomorrow. Life is hard.

OH! Tightened up my mirror. lol, had to have some thing on topic.
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