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Default Re: Hello from Florida

Hello and welcome Dart,
First I would love to say I love your bike, I have one similar back home, and I plan on motorizing it as soon as I get a chance, I currently have a hybrid bike with about 1-1/2 inch tires "don't know the exact size, but they are little bit wider than a 10-speed's. I love having skinny tires, but the bumps don't bother me much, but I would personally recommend getting another bike for the reason that it is your first build. I and many others had made many mistakes on our first build, cause it is a learning project. So find a cheap bike that you don't care if you mess up, scratch etc. and let that be your project, save that beauty for when you know the ropes a little more.

I'm glad my bike is back home, because the hybrid i bought here in Korea is torn up, scratched and not very presentable, just usable.

Ultimately it is your decision, but i would recommend to have a project bike first.

Good luck!
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