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Default Re: Speedo for my 26" Bike

Originally Posted by TANGO View Post
Mapbike thank you for the info on the Speedometer you use . 2door I did a search at First Like you . That Left Me more unsure in what to use Ha-Ha . Lot of the Bike Build Stuff can be Google Searched but I really want to know as to today what type of Speedometers Guy's do use and how well they work . Some of the out dated Threads have parts that may not even be used or sold today .
TANGO, I used one of those cheapy mechanical Stewart Warner knock offs in the beggining and it lasted for a total of 14 miles before it was junk.... it bounced all over the place and then the dial hand fell of and then it just qiuit working completely, I contacted the seller and they refunded my purchase and I sent it back to them........

thats when I ordered the speedo that I mentioned above, I got mine straight from China Girl Land for about $3-4, it is stuill working good and that was winter of 2009 so I have since ordered several more of the same unit with the same great results, accurate, compact, water proof, and useful because of the actual good quality of these little boogers, only thing you must do is not mount them close to the CDI / ignition or it will mess/ interfear with them, I have these on three bikes and really like how well they work.

If you don't mind a little wait here is a place you can get the speedo I use for $6.68 shipped right to your front door/mailbox.

Wireless Cycle Computer Bicycle Bike Meter Speedometer | eBay
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