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Default Re: I really can not figure out which motor to buy please give suggestions!!

Originally Posted by jtgolden View Post
This is my first build and I plan to purchase a manic mechanic hub adapter for this build. I want to have a cruising speed of about 35 mph(if that is even possible) i have emailed terry from blow by you and he seems like a good guy to buy from. Problem is that he only has what i believe to be a starfire 48cc and 58cc. He also has the zoom bike 48 and 80. Are any of these going to make me happy? Or should I buy from gasbike or kingmotorbikes and get the grubby gt5?

Thanks for the replies!!!
Of these choices I'd go with the ZB 48 or 80. I have a ZB 48 that I like very much, and it has a top speed of 30 mph with a 40T, but about 25 mph would be a realistic cruising speed for my bike. I weigh over 200, but my bike has good hill climbing ability. A 48 will vibrate a little less than a 80.

If you want to try to maintain 35 mph you'll need a 36T sprocket, and hill climbing ability will be reduced.
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