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Default Re: Speedo for my 26" Bike

Originally Posted by TANGO View Post
I want a Speedometer for My 26" Motorized Bike Build . I was thinking about buying the HD Front wheel with the internal Front Drum Brake set up . If I go that rout what Speedo do I use and were does it hook up at on the Wheel ? I have installed Speedo's on regular Bike Wheels with not much of a Problem . Just need some info on what I should be Looking at to Buy .
This is what I use on all my bikes, just make sure to mount the CDI as far from the handle bars as possible like on the seat post down tube and these work great.

This is a wireless speedo so no worries about running more wires and they are very accurate, I tested mine against my GPS and they are dead on.....with-in maybe a few 10ths of a MPH.... if you dont mind waiting 3 weeks you can order them direct from china at a much better price or just do like I did the last time I ordered them and got them from this seller in the states, they just cost many $'s more this way but you get it in 1 week versus 3.

New Wireless LED bike Computer Speedometer Odometer - eBay (item 130520644851 end time Jun-12-11 14:00:58 PDT)

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