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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by DuctTapedGoat View Post
Most bike shops have a total "I, Spandex-Man, am holier than thou" attitude around here. But of course, bicycle riders in the Boise area are all traditional purists.

(the few exceptions to the rule do exist, of course - though it's only a few)
Yeah thats true, I'm thankful my local bike shop isn't threatened in any way by the motorized bikes, he does stress that it would be a good idea to use better quality bikes for these projects rather than the el-cheap-O's, he just said he sure would hat eto see someone get hurt because of a failure from a broke axle or something like that.

Basically he just likes to sell me stuff reguardless of what I'm putting it on, in a small town like here we say "beggars cant be choosers", only so much business in a town of 20,000 people, I have been to his shop and when a customer comes in he may take them out to see my bike and then ask me to explain what all I've done to it....thats kinda fun, but I did have one fella that was a spandex-r that the owner was talking to about it and you could see the discuss on the guys face......the owner picked up on the guys attitude and back off the motorized bike stuff.......I just grinned and got my stuff together and cruised off with all eyes and grins toward me......
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