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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
Hey Dan, have you thought of using a screw jack type of device similar to what the SBP shift kit uses? Visually speaking, it would blend in seamlessly into the motor mount/ bike.
As for the improvement it the engine's performance, I don't know for sure. What are the chances that the original spark plug cap had a poor connection to the spark plug wire? Or perhaps from the cap to the thread on spark plug nipple?
Not sure I am fully following GearNut. (but on 1st cup of coffee, lol) can you post a link or a pic to what yer thinking?

The plug thing is wild Buddy. The difference was night and late afternoon. (not quite day and night) I have swapped em out before with no real change. Is odd and dunno. The terminal cap was on good and tight with out needing a sledge to separate it.

You got me thinking, it would be real easy to just use a bigger rear pulley and run the shaft over to the rt side for some SBP shifter kit action.

Really is what I love about these things. Always some thing to learn or explore. Be really cool to have gears on HF. All that grunt with options.
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