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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I swapped my 63t chainring sprocket for a 72t sprocket. I got to ride it today. The lower gear ratio wasn't really noticeable. The gears I normally use wind up a little faster. I'll notice the difference tomorrow, when I climb the steep ramp at work.

The chain jumped for the first time in months. The bike chainring is dished, and I might have installed it bass-ackwards. I noticed that the bike chain rides more inward, closer to the frame. There is also a clicking sound and feel, coming from the chainring area. The chain skips a beat sometimes, something that wasn't happening until I replaced the engine's drivetrain sprocket.

I rode slowly back home on the bikepath, which is what I do when my bike is ailing. I'll ride more slowly to work tomorrow, until the issues are rresolved.
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