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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

Thanks Dan and Gearnut for your kind comments as you've read my thread you know the bikes for my boy Archie whos five so he's got a bit of time before he uses it (12 years legally lol)but he loves showing it to visitors and has really got the bike bug with it, but when I told him over 1400 people have looked at his bike on the internet and they like it and their thousands of miles away, well lets just say he's delighted with the attention !
His twin sister Freya has also got a project on the go, shes got a little Harley Davidson 125 that were putting on the road thats had a diesal engine transplant, I'll put a pic up for your interest as I know your all petrol heads (diesal heads dosent really work !) the thing is, I want to finish them roughly the same time and so I've got to divert the available funds at Freyas bike for a bit to keep her happy, anyone with more than one kid knows the importance of maintaining a balancing act between keeping them happy and keeping the green eyed monster at bay ( eyes roll).
Has anyone made a Diesal powerd bicycle here ?

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