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Default Re: I really can not figure out which motor to buy please give suggestions!!

I have had 4 motors, two 48cc and two 66cc. The ones they call 80cc are actually 66. I have never noticed any big difference between the 48 and the 66. I definitely don't recommend buying from gasbike or kingsmotorbikes, first of all they are the same company. Secondly, they have a bad habit of taking your money and not delivering your product. I am not the only person that has been burned by them. There are a couple things to consider about top speed. The first is the rider's weight. The more you weigh, the more it limits your speed. The second is gear ratio. The first thing to know about gear ratio is that any one gear ratio will either give you speed or torque, but not both. The faster you go, the less torque you will have. That is not necessarily a bad thing. If you live/travel in an area that is mostly flat, you don't need a lot of torque. You can also pedal up hills, that's what I do.
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