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Default Re: Getting it put together the MB, Measure Twice

No excuses I know, but it takes time to build stuff when where you try to do your hobby and there is some element that says no not here. I push limits, but still have to play by the rules.

Dan. If I could have a shop with an inert gas welder, that would be great.

I looked at what you got and you should have HF keeping parts if anything needs replacing. I heard about some companies go bankrupt and then well. Hope that is not the case!

I think the types of Mig with reel as part of the wire feed hand held, seems not worth getting another 5 feet length. I know the one you got goes down the cord from the welder. The dexterity in hand issue I would not like that type.

I did not use Mig much and instead used time on Tig at a shop. Some of the evals for Mig Welders said the aluminum sometime jam in the length of the cord if not much bend, I expect since it is softer metal? I just welded on steel and had two hands going and 1 foor on the accelerator! Lot of snipping to have weld rod and the little parts left over, as you like to keep your fingers.

Measure Twice
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